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Chameleons can change their skin colour temporarily, blending with the environment. That’s how we see the Change professional of the future; effortlessly shifting from one role to the next, while their core remains grounded on 7 skills and solid principles.

Instead of telling people what future change roles would look like, we thought “why not show them?!” Or even better, let you design it for yourselves! No one likes to be told who to be, right?!

The Cards

If you don’t have the physical cards or managed to lose all 158, here are the Chameleon Cards in PDF.

The Entree

Want a quick taste of what the Chameleon Cards have to offer? Download the starter booklet and it’ll give you a quick overview of the cards and some examples to get you started.

The Mains

If you enjoyed the Entree and want more, have a play with these templates and documents to get the most out of your cards! But don’t stop here – feel free to be creative and come up with your own delicious recipes, whatever works for you!

Questions we get…

Why the name Chameleon Cards?

A chameleon has the ability to (temporarily) change the colour of its skin to blend with its environment. That’s how we see the Change professional of the future; effortlessly shifting from one role to the next, while their core remains grounded on 7 skills and solid principles. Also, it just roles off the tongue a lot better than ‘Role X-Change Cards’… (Gilbert’s original idea, for which he already apologised)

Who are they for?

Change is everybody’s business, so if you feel that the cards, templates and other resources can help you achieve your career and hiring goals, they are for YOU.

Initially, we designed the content around four ‘personas’:

1. Change professionals curious about their potential future roles

2. Recruiters and HR professionals looking to write better position descriptions and set expectations for business partners and candidates

3. Hiring managers who need a change person on their team

4. Anyone who wants to get into Change from their current career point

Why did you make these cards?

It started as a fun experiment and then got a little bit out of hand. We felt that instead of telling people what the future of change roles would look like, why not show them. And while we’re at it, why not have people design their own role?! No one likes to be told who to be, right? Or maybe that’s just us…

How do I use them?

“Any way you want!”, is the real answer. But to help you on your way, we’ve created 8 applications scenarios (see: Resources). Some suggestions on ways to use the cards in different settings:

1. Share them with colleagues and clients so they can ‘see’ your desired future role

2. (Re)Frame existing skills and identify development opportunities

3. Select essential capabilities for Position Descriptions that work in your environment

4. Create a common language/picture to find the right fit for a position with candidates

5. For teams to have a facilitated discussion on themes and benefits that matter to them

Can you do a workshop with us?

Yes, of course, we’d love to. Send us a quick message below and we’ll be in contact shortly. But do you really want to wait? Or even need us? With the Resources we’ve created (cards, templates, guides, etc.), some teamwork and your own creativity, you should be fine! We designed the cards to be a self-explanatory tool, so give it a try and experiment a bit before you call in our help.

The Bad Change Company

That’s us, Peter Phan and Gilbert Kruidenier and our 18 imaginary co-workers. We’ve created quite a few experiments together over the past five years, like the “Dear me of 2007” and “Hybrid workspaces” videos, The Chameleon Cards, Australasian Change Days sessions and more than a few corporate change and communications jobs.

Peter is in charge of pretty pictures while Gilbert gets to play with words and somehow that creative process always just works. Because we still have a lot more ideas to bring to life, we figured we needed an actual name for our collaborations. But not just any old name of course! We needed a name that stands out, that makes people stop and wonder, but most of all a name that is easier to remember and spell than ‘FLIMP Studios and Kruidenier Consulting Productions’. You can see the issue, right?

Even though The Bad Change Company was only a working title at first, we grew to like it and now it just feels like us. Of course it helps that we can have a unicorn for an office pet. We don’t have much of a strategy other than to “do fun stuff that helps people” and that’s gotten us this far. If you have any suggestions, especially crazy ones, we’d love to hear from you any time.

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